24 Hours of Flight!

We met our goal of $20,000 before the Saturday deadline. For more details on the event head over to USA Ski Jumping by clicking the poster below.

Click poster to see the results.


Pictures of workers on the hill.

Here are some pictures of workers (ski jumpers) laying the plastic so that the hill could be used for summer jumping.

Here you can see what we place under the plastic. Old gravel pit conveyer belts are recycled to be used as the first layer of construction. A layer of rubber is then layed down over that. Finally, the plastic is screwed down onto the rubber. The conveyer belts are bolted down to concrete at the top.

Speeding up the process of screwing down the plastic.

Bart Lockhart and Gene Brown taking a short break.

Screws are partially screwed into the plastic before the plastic 'shingles' are lowered down to the workers laying them in place. This speeds up the process of installation.

Views of the tower at the end of the day.

Norge Ski Jumping Tower and Hill

View December 19th, 2003 at dusk

What a difference from 11 months ago.