Junior Program

Chris Hansen jumping on the K22

Kids start jumping young.

Kids aging from 3 to 90 can learn to ski jump at the Norge Ski Club.

There are training classes on Tuesdays and Thursday nights.

The club may have a pair of skis ready for the kids to try it out.

We have many jumps for the kids to get started and work their way through.
They are:

  • 2 metre
  • 5 metre
  • 10 metre
  • 22 metre
  • 40 metre
  • 64 metre

The kids in our junior program compete at many tournaments throughout the year at Norge and other jumping clubs across the USA. (Mostly in the central division.)

Some of the money raised to support our junior program comes from our consession stand selling great food at our tournaments.

Become a member and get the kids in your family jumping.

Kyle Lockhart - Westby K1210 Meter Hill - 2/04 - An example of Norge jumpers representing the club in central division competitions. Kyle Practicing A practice jump from a roof top platform onto a trampoline.